What have we learned about good social work systems and practice?

LUKE Nikki, et al
Great Britain. Department for Education, University of Oxford. Rees Centre for Research in Fostering and Education
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Based on a synthesis of the evidence from the evaluations of 17 projects, this report looks at the learning from Wave 1 of the Children's Social Care Innovation Programme that focused on good social work systems and practice in children’s social care. It looks at the different approaches taken by the projects, common themes and principles; the projects achievements; learning about what makes good social work practice; and the conditions that promote and sustain it. The synthesis reports that evaluations were not in place for long enough for there to be definitive evidence of better outcomes for children, but the projects identified some promising indications and provides some recommendations about what works for future innovations in social work systems and practice. These include: shared aims across all parts of the system, including staff at all levels and across all relevant agencies; leadership at all levels; a clear model for change to communicate and motivating people with; the value of multi-disciplinary working which includes adult specialists alongside children’s practitioners in integrated team; goods supervision; and training which is included in an overall strategy for skills development. Appendices include a list of the 17 projects and audit tool. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
evaluation, childrens social care, social work, change management, good practice, organisational culture, skills, social work methods, interagency cooperation, multidisciplinary teams;
Content type:
research review
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Children's Social Care Innovation Programme thematic report
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