Values of integrated care: a systematic review

ZONNEVELD Nick, et al
Journal article citation:
International Journal of Integrated Care, 18(4), 2018, p.9. Online only
International Foundation for Integrated Care

Introduction: Although substantial generic knowledge about integrated care has been developed, better understanding of the factors that drive behaviour, decision-making, collaboration and governance processes in integrated care networks is needed to take integrated care forward. To gain more insight into these topics and to understand integrated care in more depth, a set of underlying values of integrated care has been developed and defined in this study. Theory and methods: A systematic literature review was conducted to identify the underlying values of integrated care. Values theory was used as a theoretical framework for the analysis. Results: This study identified 23 values in the current body of knowledge. The most frequently identified values are ‘collaborative’, ‘co-ordinated’, ‘transparent’, ‘empowering’, ‘comprehensive’, ‘co-produced’ and ‘shared responsibility and accountability’. Discussion and conclusion: The set of values is presented as a potential basis for a values-driven approach to integrated care. This approach enables better understanding of the behaviours and collaboration in integrated care and may also be used to develop guidance or governance in this area. The practical application of the values and their use at multiple levels is discussed. The consequences of different stakeholder perceptions on the values is explored and an agenda for future research is proposed. (Publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
systematic reviews, integrated care, integrated services, values, governance, collaboration, health care, social care;
Content type:
systematic review
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