The Munro review of child protection: final report: a child-centred system

MUNRO Eileen
Stationery Office
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Professor Munro sets out her final recommendations to reform the child protection system. The recommendations advocate a move from an over-bureaucratised system to a learning culture which values and develops professional expertise and judgement. The report makes 15 recommendations. The introductory chapter summarises the factors that have contributed to the current problems in practice. Chapter two describes the principles that should underpin an effective child protection system. Chapter three makes recommendations on revising statutory guidance to give professionals more scope for exercising their expertise and to enable inspection of children’s services to concentrate on the effectiveness of help being provided, rather than compliance with procedures. Chapter four details the leadership and accountability framework currently in place to promote interagency working and whole-system learning. The second half of the report focuses on service provision and the quality of the help children and families receive. It is argued that support services can do more to prevent abuse and neglect or reduce its severity than services provided only when abuse and/or neglect has become severe. Chapter six focuses on social work practice, setting out plans to improve radically the expertise of social workers. The organisational and national support needed to help social workers develop their knowledge and skills, make critical use of research, and monitor the effectiveness of help is outlined in chapter seven.

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inspection, organisational culture, prevention, risk assessment, social work methods, social workers, accountability, child protection, child-centred approach, early intervention;
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(Cm 8062)
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978 0 10 180622 0

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