The challenge of workforce management in a global society: modeling the relationship between diversity, inclusion, organizational culture, and employee well-being, job satisfaction and organizational commitment

FINDLER Liora, WIND Leslie H., BARAK Michalle E. M.
Journal article citation:
Administration in Social Work, 31(3), November 2007, pp.63-94.
Taylor and Francis
Place of publication:
Philadelphia, USA

Social identity theory and an inclusion-exclusion conceptual framework underpin this study, which tests a comprehensive theory-based model of the relationship between diversity, organisational culture and employee outcomes. Structural equation modelling is used with data from a representative sample of 114 employees of a high tech company in Israel. The results point to significant paths between diversity and organisational culture variables; and between organisational culture variables such as fairness, inclusion, stress and social support on the one hand, and employee outcomes such as well-being, job satisfaction and organisational commitment on the other. The implications of these findings for management practices in social work organisations, which face many of the same challenges, are discussed, with particular reference to the promotion of an inclusive organisation and a sense of belonging, satisfaction and commitment.(Copies of this article are available from: Haworth Document Delivery Centre, Haworth Press Inc., 10 Alice Street,  Binghamton, NY 13904-1580).

Subject terms:
job satisfaction, multicultural approach, organisational culture, private sector, social services, staff management;
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Journal home page
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