Supporting life after stroke: a review of services for people who have had a stroke and their carers

Care Quality Commission
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This review looks at the pathway of care provided to people who experienced a stroke or a 'mini-stroke' (a transient ischemic attack) and their carers. The review was conducted throughout 2010, and focused on care from the point where people prepared to leave hospital, to the ongoing care and support in their homes. It looks at both health care and adult social care, as well as other relevant services, such as local support groups. The study methods included collecting data from primary care trusts (PCTs) and adult social services departments about the range of services they commission. In addition, two detailed exercises were done in each local area: an evaluation of printed information that people are given when they are transferred home from hospital was carried out by a group of stroke survivors and carers; and an evaluation was carried out of the care provided to a sample of around 25 people who had a stroke and their carers in the 6 weeks following transfer home, based on the case notes available to PCTs. The report considers: providing the right care and support; involving and informing stroke survivors and carers; and working together to deliver effective care. It concludes that there are wide levels of variation both between and within PCT areas in what services are available, how well people are informed and supported to access those services, and how well these services are organised to meet people’s needs.

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integrated services, needs, hospital discharge, rehabilitation, social care provision, stroke, access to information, access to services, carers, health care;
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