Some assembly required: implementing new models of care

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Drawing on the experiences of those leading the vanguard sites of the new care models programme, this report sets out ten lessons for those seeking to systematically make improvements across local health and care services for those patients who are in most need of joined up care. It emphasises the value of local co-creation and testing of new care models, and offers useful learning for those seeking to drive the development of new models of care within sustainability and transformation partnerships and accountable care systems. The ten lessons to support providers and commissioners seeking to adopt this new approach: start by focusing on a specific population; involve primary care from the start; go where the energy is; spend time developing shared understanding of challenges; work through and thoroughly test assumptions about how activities will achieve results; find ways to learn from others and assess suitability of interventions; set up an ‘engine room’ for change; distribute decision-making roles; invest in workforce development at all levels; and test, evaluate and adapt for continuous improvement. While this report focuses on what local leaders can do, it also identifies three key ways national bodies can support cross-organisational change: support new and existing systems – further focus is needed on what the national performance and governance frameworks should look like; send the right message – national messaging should focus on the core aims of system change and not simply on restructuring; continue to build evaluation capability and capacity – investing in robust local and national evaluation will enable sites to understand if changes are improving care. (Edited publisher abstract)

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integrated care, joint working, good practice, health care, social care;
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practice guidance
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