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Journal article

Nordic disability policies in a changing Europe: is there still a distinct Nordic model?

Journal article citation:
Social Policy and Administration, 38(2), April 2004, pp.170-189.

Nordic welfare states have usually been characterized by encompassing or institutional systems of public provisions, both in general and for people with impairment in particular. Provisions have been perceived as being more universalistic in coverage, more generous in terms of benefit levels and availability of services, and with a greater emphasis on prevention and coordination, than provisions in other Western countries. Yet the success of the Nordic system of disability protection has recently been questioned on various grounds. These criticisms have resulted in a number of reforms recently introduced or about to be implemented. This reorientation is likely to reduce the prominence of some characteristics of the Nordic model in this particular area. Under the ongoing influence of European integration, the authors expect to see a shift of emphasis away from redistributive provisions especially income transfers, to regulative provisions, meant to ensure accessibility and combat discrimination.

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