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Journal article

Physical barriers and risks in basic activities of daily living performance evaluation in state housing for older people in Chile

PIZZI Marcela, et al
Journal article citation:
Housing Care and Support, 16(1), 2013, pp.23-31.

The design of housing can have a significant impact on older people’s independence when performing basic activities of daily living (BADLs). This study observed the BADL performance of older people living independently in housing for older people provided by the State of Chile in the city of Santiago. The overall purpose of the research is to generate an objective assessment instrument to serve as a basis for housing adaptations and improvement or for the use in new designs appropriate to the changing functional capacities of this age group. A total of 40 older people were visited in their homes by at least 2 researchers to observe their capacity to carry out 40 tasks associated with BADLs. The findings show that State housing design is significant in BADLs performance, limiting functionality in one third of the observed tasks. These mainly concerned demanding reaching requirements associated with height, but also extended to other inadequacies in design which act as barriers or bring potential risks. The paper prompts a reassessment by State housing providers of the design of housing types for older people as well as the adaptation of existing units to extend independence in time rather than undermine it.


Minimum pensions and safety nets in old age: a comparative analysis

London School of Economics. Suntory-Toyota International Centre for Economics an
Publication year:
Place of publication:

Paper comparing the performance of public pensions in providing a minimum income in old age in six countries: Australia, Chile, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK. Uses hypothetical individual life histories to assess the impact of low pay, unemployment, part-time work, and absences from work to care for children on pension entitlement on reaching pensionable age in each country. The pensions from each national pension system are calculated according to their current rules for the whole duration of each hypothetical life history and the resulting pensions are evaluated using four relative standards.

Journal article

A case study of the elder care functions of a Chilean non-governmental organization

PEREIRA Javier, ANGEL Ronald J., ANGEL Jacqueline L.
Journal article citation:
Social Science and Medicine, 64(10), May 2007, pp.2096-2106.

This paper examines the history and role of a faith-based Chilean nonprofit organization, Hogar de Cristo (Christ's Home), in providing elderly care in the context of recent economic and sociopolitical changes in the country. Chile has been at the forefront of market-based reforms in the delivery of social services and its experience provides insights into the intersecting roles of the state, the market, and the non-governmental sector in addressing basic human needs. Based on in-depth interviews, archival data, and field observations, the authors investigate the institutional, political, and social factors that account for the organization's success. These result from a number of factors including a capacity to adapt to changing client needs, the successful adoption of an entrepreneurial style of management and outreach, and the building of trust through effective public relations. Although conditions unique to the situation of this faith-based organization in a highly Catholic country may account for its success, the experience of Hogar de Cristo provides useful lessons for the future of elder care policy in the Americas.

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