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Journal article

The Bulgarian pension reform: post-accession issues and challenges

Journal article citation:
Journal of European Social Policy, 17(4), November 2007, pp.389-396.

Focusing on the social impacts of the 2000—2 pension reform in Bulgaria, the article examines how Bulgarian pensioners cope with income risk in old age. Reporting that old-age pensions are frequently inadequate to household consumption needs, the authors argue for more generous tax-financed social pensions alongside contributory pension provision, to combat old-age poverty. As the poorest country to date to achieve European Union accession, the article concludes by suggesting that Bulgaria's pursuit of fuller integration and development within the EU cannot be divorced from better meeting the social security needs of its ageing population.

Journal article

Hospital discharge and the citizenship rights of older people: will the UK become a test-bed for Eastern Europe?

FORD Deirdre, STEPNEY Paul
Journal article citation:
European Journal of Social Work, 6(3), 2003, pp.257-272.
Taylor and Francis

The authors draw on their UK and European experiences as well as the growing body of research on hospital discharges of older people to illustrate how citizenship rights and social justice cannot be upheld without ethical good practice in this field. Entitlements and ethical considerations can be obscured by the economic interests of the agencies involved. These developments which are already evident in other European welfare states provide a warning to Eastern Europe about the dangers of importing managerial and market principles into the field of care for older people. Research evidence supported by case studies is used to illustrate how rights to health care and even human rights can be overridden when policies of cost containment combined with efficiency targets begin to shape decisions about care. Argues that research can provide guidance on the essential elements for good practice in inter-professional work, especially concepts of well-being that include justice, fairness, participation and autonomy to counteract the jeopardised citizenship of older people.


Caring for older Europeans: comparative studies in 29 countries

GIARCHI George Giacinto
Publication year:
Place of publication:

Provides a reference source for various modes of care (both formal and informal) for older people throughout Europe. Each chapter follows the same format and covers: demography; socio-political and administrative background; social security and pensions; housing; health care; mental health care; residential care; personal social services; voluntary care agencies and support organisations; leisure pursuits and education; and older people in rural areas.

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