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Journal article

Contested universalism: from Bonosol to Renta Dignidad in Bolivia

MULLER Katharina
Journal article citation:
International Journal of Social Welfare, 18(2), April 2009, pp.163-172.

Bolivia is the only Latin American country to feature a universal old-age pension scheme. Though strikingly modest, originating at US$248 per annum, this benefit runs counter to the prevailing targeting paradigm. Ten years after the scheme's controversial start in South America's poorest country, this article is the first to focus on the interesting political economy of the universal benefit. The introduction of the benefit was not motivated by social policy considerations but by the desire to privatise state-owned enterprises and pensions. Conceived by neoliberal structural reformers, the benefit was challenged first by the international financial institutions and then by Bolivia's developmentalist government, before the latter found a way to reconcile its re-nationalisation project with a re-branded universal pension.


Elderly care: a world perspective

Chapman and Hall
Publication year:
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Contains examples of successful service provision for older people from 40 countries. The case studies are organised into the following sections: care at home; community support; empowerment; participation; fitness and well-being; income generation; environment; integrated services; mental health; training for elder care; organisation of services; and older women.

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