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Journal article

Mental health training in emergency homeless shelters

VAMVAKAS Angelos, ROWE Michael
Journal article citation:
Community Mental Health Journal, 37(3), June 2001, pp.287-295.

The prevalence of mental illness among homeless persons points to the importance of providing mental health training to emergency shelter staff. The authors report on their own work and argues that such training offers the potential to significantly improve shelter staff's ability to respond to the needs of shelter residents with mental illness, and to the behaviourial problems some of these individuals may pose for shelter operation.

Journal article

Homelessness, mental illness and citizenship

ROWE Michael, et al
Journal article citation:
Social Policy and Administration, 35(1), March 2001, pp.14-31.

Assertive mental health outreach to homeless persons points towards the goals of community membership and "citizenship" - a connection to the rights, responsibilities, roles and resources that society offers through public and social institutions and informal "associational life" - for homeless persons. The authors argue that the concept of citizenship is a useful framework for approaching these goals. Go on to review the principles of assertive mental health outreach and relevant aspects of contemporary citizenship theory; present a case example of outreach leading to a "citizenship project"; and discuss the potential benefits and pitfalls of a citizenship framework, including strategies and recommendations for program administrators, researchers and policy makers.

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