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Journal article

He stopped being my husband and became my carer

Journal article citation:
Openmind, 109, May 2001, pp.12-13.

Outlines ongoing research into the way care in mental health is constructed by professionals in law and policy, and the impact of those constructions for people who find themselves identified as 'carer' or 'cared for'. The research also looks at how people construct and experience care within their partnerships.

Journal article

'He's' not my carer- he's my husband': personal and policy constructions of care in mental health

Journal article citation:
Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community, 15(2), November 2001, pp.149-159.
Taylor and Francis
Place of publication:
Philadelphia, USA

The construction of 'care' in the professional and UK legislative and policy arenas has been the focus of much interest in recent years. A growing awareness of the needs of 'carers' in their own rights and a recognition of the conflicting needs of 'carers and users of services informs practice in health and social care where discourses of care focus on 'care' as duty, burden and responsibility. This article seeks to locate individual experiences of 'care' in mental health alongside the construction of 'care' in mental health policy and legislation with in the UK. It draws both on preliminary research with couples, and an analysis of the development of 'care' in policy and law. This dual analysis indicates that, while practitioners in health and social care recognise the needs of people who consider themselves to be 'carers', not all people subscribe to the identity of 'carer' or 'cared for' in their relationship.

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