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Journal article

A comment on Stroud and Pritchard: child homicide, psychiatric disorder and dangerousness: a review and an empirical approach

Journal article citation:
British Journal of Social Work, 31(3), June 2001, pp.481-492.
Oxford University Press

On the basis of a review of research on child and adult homicide and mental disorder, along with an original study of these connections, Stroud and Pritchard suggest that diagnoses of mental disorder and other 'psychopathologies' can be useful in identifying adults at risk of community child homicide, and thus advocate that social work practice should focus attention on these issues in seeking to prevent child homicide. Issues contained in the paper, however, appear to present a number of concerns with considerable implications for social work practice. These concerns relate to the following: the conclusions drawn in the paper about the prevalence of mental disorder amongst people committing child homicide, the implications of the paper's findings and conclusions for the knowledge base and strategies social workers should be employing in identifying and managing risk of child homicide, and the implications of the paper for social work values.

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