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Journal article

Psychiatric disorders in a sample of Saudi Arabian adolescents with sickle cell disease

AMR Mostafa, AMIN Tarek, HABLAS Hatem
Journal article citation:
Child and Youth Care Forum, 39(3), June 2010, pp.151-166.

This study investigated the magnitude of psychiatric disorders and socio-demographic and disease-related risk factors in a sample of young people with sickle cell disease (SCD) in Al-Hassa, Saudi Arabia. Participants included 110 young people with SCD, and 202 adolescents without. Psychiatric assessment, based a double test strategy through employing the observation form of the semi-structured clinical interview for children and adolescents, was followed by clinical interview based on the Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders. Findings indicated 29% of adolescents with SCD and 32% of adolescents without were screened positive for one or more psychiatric disorders. Young people with SCD showed higher prevalence of adjustment and anxiety disorders compared to their peers. Analysis to determine the independent predictors of psychopathology among adolescents with SCD showed that male gender and high family income were independent protective factors while frequent pain episodes served as an independent risk factor for the development of psychiatric morbidity. In conclusion, the authors suggest that psychiatric assessment in adolescent psychopathology in SCD that calls for early identification and intervention.


Mental health services in the global village

APPLEBY Louis, ARAYA Ricardo
Publication year:
Place of publication:

Comparative study of mental health services in 16 countries from both the developed and the developing world. Contains sections on countries from: Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South and Central America.

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