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Journal article

Caring for children of parents with mental health problems - a venture into historical and cultural processes in Europe

Journal article citation:
International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 12(4), November 2010, pp.27-36.
Taylor and Francis

This article discusses the European initiative Work Package 5 (WP5), a part of the CAMHEE programme, which was designed to bring children and families with parental mental illness onto the European agenda. Parental mental health problems are a major risk for children’s adverse development. Intergenerational mental health issues often leads to social marginalisation and exclusion, which constitutes a serious social problem. WP5 participants included Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Romania. The WP5 emphasised that it is important for every country to learn what the legal, human rights, and service and life situation is for these children and families and to take preventive and promotion action. The paper suggests that, to avoid further stigmatisation, awareness campaigns and training of professionals should capitalise on resilience and support for children and parenting rather than on risks. Psychiatric services for adults should respond to the needs for care and support of the patients' children. Finally, changes in society are needed, including redirecting legislation from restrictive measures towards promotion and prevention.

Journal article

Institutions remain dumping grounds for forgotten people

TAVANIER Yana Buhrer
Journal article citation:
Tizard Learning Disability Review, 15(2), April 2010, pp.4-14.

This article highlights a study conducted undercover in institutions for adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities in Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. It found evidence of human rights abuses, inhuman and degrading treatment, and severe neglect. The author suggests that reform is coming too slowly to institutions for adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities in these countries, where chronic neglect, filthy conditions, and the use of physical restraints and high-dosage drugs to control behaviour remain routine. The author describes, from a personal perspective, many of the failings in the care system with the three countries, and highlights how much of the abuse is conducted behind closed doors, in an effort to hide the true extent of the problem – which, if disclosed, may have ramifications for EU grants to these countries.

Journal article

Empowering the people

JACKSON Catherine
Journal article citation:
Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Care, 3(2), October 1999, pp.42-45.

Mental health service users in the emerging democracies of eastern and central Europe are beginning to make their voices heard. This article looks at self-advocacy and user organisations from former Communist countries, including Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Bosnia/Herzegovena.

Journal article Full text available online for free

Caring for mentally ill people in Europe

Journal article citation:
British Medical Journal, 5.11.94, 1994, pp.1218-1221.
British Medical Association

Despite legislation to harmonise mental health practice throughout Europe and convergence in systems of training there remains an extraordinary diversity of psychiatric practice in Europe. Approaches to tackling substance misuse vary among nations; statistics on psychiatric morbidity are affected by different approaches to diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders; attitudes towards mental illness show definite international differences. Everywhere, though, mental health care for patients with psychotic illness is a "cinderella service", and there is a general move towards care falling increasingly on the family and the community.

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