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Journal article

Early intervention services in Turkey: perspectives of south-eastern families

BAYHAN Pinar, SIPAL R. Firat
Journal article citation:
International Social Work, 54(6), November 2011, pp.781-799.

Early intervention programmes can provide dramatic shifts in the competencies of children with special needs. In 2005, Turkey passed the Public Law for Individuals with Disabilities. In this law, the importance of early intervention is highlighted, which should be facilitated by a professional team to inform the families about the options and services available to them. These early intervention teams, comprising members of different professional domains, were set up in hospitals in order to serve families with respect to the new legislation. The purpose of this study was to explore families’ perceptions of the service delivery of early intervention support provided under this new legislation. In south-east Turkey, a total of 150 parents of children with cognitive disabilities were interviewed about their perception of service, including the information, guidance, and psychological support they were receiving. The findings demonstrate that the provision of services in the region varied greatly from one professional team task to the next. The team members often had difficulties in sharing responsibilities, as well as completing mandated tasks. Implications for the improvement of service delivery are discussed.

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