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A new view: mental handicap law for Eastern Europe

WARD Adrian
International League of Societies for Persons with Mental Handicap
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Aimed at people working with or forming policy for people with learning difficulties in central and Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Union. Stresses throughout the importance of legislation for people with learning difficulties and their families. Designed to help service providers and policy makers review existing laws and change and improve them.

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Bear next door

Journal article citation:
Community Care, 21.11.02, 2002, p.41.
Reed Business Information

Reports on how since Russian society began to open up in the 1990s, parents of children with learning difficulties have found valuable assistance in cross-border projects with Norway.

Journal article

Regional welfare system developments in Russia: community social services

Journal article citation:
Social Policy and Administration, 36(2), April 2002, pp.105-122.

Micro-level studies of welfare service developments are largely absent from the literature on Russian social policy issues, which tends to concentrates on macro-level social security arrangements. This paper highlights the emergence of community-based social services in the post-1991 era, examining their development in two provincial Russian cities, based on an empirical study carried out in 1998. The paper adds to a growing literature which seeks to understand "welfare systems" from the perspective of welfare services by looking at their use by, and relevance for, disabled children regarded as having learning difficulties, and their families. The empirical data indicate the shape of "new" services in the field sites, the means by which such institutions were maintained and their integration into the welfare sphere as a whole. Their development and maintenance at the local level is explained in part by socio-economic, political and administrative factors in these regions. By highlighting the various factors that help to maintain welfare provision and drive change at the local level, the case studies indicate the possible shape of future welfare developments in Russia as a whole.

Journal article

Perspectives of inclusive education in Russia

Journal article citation:
European Journal of Social Work, 10(1), 2007, pp.89-105.
Taylor and Francis

This paper discusses the issues of exclusion and inclusion of children with disabilities in educational policies. The background and context for inclusion in Russia is described, with a short overview of the history of special education and with the emphasis on the current legislative conditions for inclusion. The article analyzes peculiarities of the hidden curriculum in a Russian boarding school for children with disabilities, and discusses the ways in which special education constructs the students' identities. In particular, practices of socialization in an educational institution for children with motor impairments are considered using the qualitative methodology of ethnographic observation and interviews. In addition, the attitudes of contemporary mainstream school students towards the idea of inclusive education are explored and a case of integration of a disabled child into a regular school setting is considered. Finally, the authors outline some policy recommendations and the prospects for inclusion.

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