Revisiting the measurement of Shaken Baby Syndrome awareness

Journal article citation:
Child Abuse and Neglect, 34(9), September 2010, pp.671-676.

An evaluation of a shorter, single-page version of the previously developed Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness Assessment intended to be used by prevention professionals to prevent abusive head injury during infancy is described. A sample of 370 adults from a college in New England completed the measure during 2008; they had an average age of 21 years and 63% were women. One hundred and ninety subjects reported regularly caring for a child younger than two years of age. The assessment includes 36 ratings. Participants were asked to use a 6-point Likert scale to rate 12 items on the three scales: soothing techniques, discipline techniques, and potential for injury. Each item asks whether a given caregiver action is appropriate for use in each of these three contexts. The findings indicated that the form provides a reliable, brief survey of attitudes towards responding to a crying infant. The authors conclude that this measure can be used to support child abuse prevention professionals in engaging caregivers in a conversation about responding to a crying infant safely.

Subject terms:
parenting, prevention, assessment, babies, child abuse, child care, child protection, early intervention, head injuries, health professionals;
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United States
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