Raising standards in social care: a report on the professional regulatory work of the Care Council for Wales 2010-11

Care Council for Wales
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The Care Council for Wales was set the statutory duty under the Care Standards Act 2000 of promoting ‘high standards of conduct and practice among social care workers’ from its inception in 2001. This report provides an analysis of the Care Council’s professional regulatory work through its investigatory work and the work of its Registration and Conduct Committees. It is the organisation’s third such report which also identifies emerging trends regarding the conduct of the registered workforce. The report contains data relating to 2010-11, using, for comparison purposes, data from 2008-09 and 2009-10. Sections include: setting standards; the code of practice for social care workers; ensuring standards; assessing suitability for registration; maintaining registration requirements; upholding standards; referrals about registered workers; the role of the committees; referrals to the independent safeguarding authority; improving standards; developments in 2010-11; and proposed developments for 2011-12.

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social care, social care professionals, social care provision, standards, care workers, good practice;
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practice guidance
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978 1 906528 39 3

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