Promising practices in long term care: ideas worth sharing

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
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Reports on examples of promising practice in long term residential care for the older people from six countries: Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. The examples show of how long term care might be organised and undertaken in more promising ways that respect the needs of residents, families, workers and managers. The examples were collected by an international team of 26 researchers and more than 50 graduate students and aimed to build a vision of what high quality care would look like. The examples collected all met the following principles: treat residents and providers with dignity and respect; understand care as a relationship; and take differences and equity into account. The short vignettes draw on the data to show how real people interacted in ways that were caring, respectful and supportive, and met the four principles of promising practices. Each vignette includes a bulleted list which identifies why each of the practices worked well. To put the examples in context, the publication also provides basic statistical data each of the countries studied. The concluding section outlines some principles for building a strong, supportive, integrated system of long term care. (Edited publisher abstract)

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long term care, older people, good practice, case studies, residential care, care homes, person-centred care, nursing homes, dignity;
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practice example
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