Prevention of aggressive behaviour and violence in childcare institutions

ØIEN Lisa, LILLEVIK Ole Greger
Journal article citation:
Social Work and Social Sciences Review, 17(1), 2014, pp.35-48.
Whiting and Birch

The article describes how personal qualities in helpers and child care workers are important measures to prevent aggression and violent behaviour from adolescents living in childcare institutions. The research looked at in what way personal competence makes a difference in the prevention of violence, and how this ‘personal competence’ is expressed. Through six semi-structured individual interviews and one focus group interview with staff from five state-run childcare institutions in Norway, it was found that the helpers’ attitude is of great importance to avoid unnecessary confrontation. The study indicates that staff who search to find the reason behind aggression, and who are deeply concerned about the well-being of the young people tend to ease conflict, rather than trigger it. The authors see their attitude as a choice of perspective in their work with adolescents. This perspective is an integral part of the child-care workers’ personal competence, and implies recognition of the perspectives young people have on their own situation. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
aggression, violence, child care workers, residential child care, skills, attitudes, prevention;
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Journal home page
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