Preventing social isolation in later life: findings and insights from a pilot Queensland intervention study

BARTLETT Helen, et al
Journal article citation:
Ageing and Society, 33(7), 2013, pp.1167-1189.
Cambridge University Press

This paper reports on the challenges of attempting to undertake a rigorous evaluation of three demonstration pilot projects targeting older people at risk of social isolation, conducted within different social settings in Queensland, Australia. The demonstration projects were part of the Queensland Cross-Government Project to Reduce Social Isolation in Older People (CGPRSIOP) led by the Office for Seniors within the Queensland Department of Communities. The programme incorporated validated psychological measures to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions. While use of these measures suggested some promising results, the focus of this paper is on the methodological and practical challenges associated with utilising evaluation measures in community-based interventions. The detailed consideration of the methodological issues involved in this programme highlights some key lessons and offers new insights into evaluating interventions for reducing social isolation. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
ageing, older people, social isolation, intervention, evaluation, policy, research methods;
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Journal home page
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