One place, one budget? Approaches to pooling resources for public service transformation

LONSDALE Jeremy, et al
Rand Europe
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Research report presenting nine case studies from local authorities in England which use a ‘pooled resources’ approach to deliver services. The report describes the development of the different initiatives and identifies enablers and barriers to progress. The initiatives covered a range of services including health and social care; regeneration; and troubled families. The research also draws on a literature review of community budgets, pooling and public service reform to identify key themes in the development of collaborative working; interviews with key representatives from each case study site; data analysis and workshops to discuss enablers and barriers of success transformation. Case studies identified the following enablers: taking a pragmatic approach; recognising the value of evidence and data; focusing on outcomes for residents; the importance of leadership and behaviour change; staff development; and involving businesses, voluntary organisations and communities. Perceived barriers and challenges participants felt could prevent further collaboration are discussed under the four areas of: multi-agency relationships; data and information governance; funding and outcomes and culture and skills. Based on evidence from the nine initiatives the report makes recommendations for what a 'public sector reform deal' might look like and outlines commitments required from central government and local areas. The case studies discussed include: an integrated early support service providing coordinated support for families and individuals with complex needs; the Living Well programme for prevention, early intervention, and collaboration between health and social care services; a family support service; and an initiative to develop community resilience. (Edited publisher abstract)

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pooled budgets, local authorities, case studies, outcomes, organisational culture, joint working, collaboration, leadership, interagency cooperation, central government, social care provision, service development, joint financing;
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