Non violent resistance handbook for practitioners: responding to child to parent violence in practice

Responding to Child to Parent Violence
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This handbook is designed for the practitioner who would like to have some useful starting points in understanding and responding to child to parent violence. The handbook will also provide practitioners with guidelines about how to implement the Non Violent Resistance Programme in their work with parents in families where child to parent violence takes place. The programme is an evidence influenced, short-term, systemic and effective intervention that builds on the existing skills, knowledge and values of practitioners and enhances the protection and safety of all family members. A child or adolescent’s behaviour is violent and abusive if parents feel controlled, intimidated or threatened by it. Child to parent violence takes place when parents feel they must adapt their own behaviour because of threats or use of abuse or violence. The handbook provides an introduction to child to parent violence and the Non Violent Resistance (NVR) Programme and sets out key facts about child to parent violence. It then discusses in some detail the key components of the programme, including assessment and engagement, and session plans for both groups and individual sessions. It contains additional supports for sessions, including exercises and feedback forms. (Edited publisher abstract)

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domestic violence, parent-child relations, challenging behaviour, parental skills training, behaviour problems;
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practice guidance
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