New organisational models of primary care to meet the future needs of the NHS: a brief overview of recent reports

Rand Europe
Publication year:
xii, 46
Place of publication:

An overview of reports from professional bodies and policy-focused organisations - from England and internationally – that describe new models for delivering primary care which could potentially help NHS in England cope with an ageing population, increasing numbers of patients with multiple long-term conditions and a limited workforce. These models include: models that introduce new roles, or change existing roles, in general practice; models of collaboration among professionals and among the primary care, secondary care and social care; and new organisational forms for general practice (e.g. primary care federations or networks, super-practices, regional multi-practice organisations, community health organisations, polyclinics and multispecialty community providers). The paper presents some examples of communication/information technology used in primary care and discusses recruitment and retention challenges facing health professionals in general practice. Most reports included in this overview are descriptive, and they include recommendations regarding how new models of care could be implemented. The paper concludes that there is no ‘one size fits all’ model for delivering primary care and that the way in which new models are implemented may be as important as the models themselves. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
models, literature reviews, primary care, service development, professional role, organisational structure, general practitioners;
Content type:
research review
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