National summary of the results from the 2014 community mental health survey

Care Quality Commission
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Newcastle upon Tyne

This summary provides the key findings from the 2014 national survey of people who use community mental health services. Community mental health services provide care and treatment for people who require care over and above what can be provided in primary care. Services are provided through a wide range of service models, and through a broad range of interventions. People using these services may receive support over a long period of time or for short-term interventions. The 2014 survey involved 572 NHS trusts in England (including combined mental health and social care trusts, Foundation Trusts and community healthcare social enterprises that provide mental health services). Responses were received from more than 13,500 people, a national response rate of 29 per cent. The survey found that the majority of staff providing community services ‘definitely’ listened carefully to people receiving services (73 per cent) and ‘always’ treated them with respect and dignity (75 per cent). However, the results highlight serious problems with other aspects of care, suggesting that services are not engaging as they should with people using the services. One in five people do not feel they have seen the mental health services often enough to meet their needs. 23 per cent have not been told who is in charge of their care and the same number of respondents have not agreed with someone from mental health services what care they will receive. 26 per cent have not had a formal meeting to discuss how their care is working in the last year. Of those who were on the Care Programme Approach and said they needed this support, around a third of respondents would have liked more help or advice with finding support with financial advice or benefits (32 per cent) finding or keeping work (34 per cent) and finding or keeping accommodation (31 per cent). (Edited publisher abstract)

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surveys, community mental health services, mental health care, mental health services, evaluation, NHS, user views;
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