National evaluation of the Department of Health's integrated care pilots: final report: summary version

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Demands on health and social care are changing in scope and scale as the population ages, new treatments become available, and public expectations change. Improving interventions through integrated care has been identified as one way of effectively addressing these changing needs. The Department of Health established a 2-year programme of Integrated Care Pilots (ICP) that aimed to explore different ways of providing health and social care services to drive improvements in care and wellbeing. A total of 16 initiatives across England were selected to participate in the DH ICP programme. This document is the abbreviated version of a longer final output of an evaluation of the 16 ICPs. It provides a summary of the evaluation activities conducted, the data collected and the analyses completed. The key messages resulting from the evaluation are: integrated care comes in many shapes and sizes; staff reported improvements in care, most of which were process-related; patients did not appear to share the sense of improvement; and that it is possible to reduce utilisation and associated costs of hospital care, but it seems to be very hard to reduce emergency admissions. Overall, the report concludes that, if tailored to local circumstances, well-led and well-managed integration can improve the quality of care for patients.

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integrated services, social care provision, costs, evaluation, health care;
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