Music in social care plans for people with dementia: a guide for social workers on how to embed music in personalised social care plans for people living with dementia, and their carers

Music for Dementia
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This guide explores the benefits of a musical approach for people living with dementia and how to include it in strengths-based assessments, including the role of link workers, family and friends in making this happen. The guide also explains how the music aligns with the ‘the wellbeing principle’ in The Care Act. The information is brought to life with case studies of how music has helped individuals and couples to enhance their quality of life in a variety of ways. It also includes a useful template of questions to ask during an assessment. Some of the many benefits of music included in the full guide are: enabling people living with dementia to be ‘seen as the person they are’ beyond their condition; engaging people positively across the spectrum of severity from diagnosis to end of life care; alleviating symptoms associated with dementia such as agitation, apathy and anxiety; re-energising people living with dementia as they experience and enjoy music from their past. (Edited publisher abstract)

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dementia, music, music therapy, strengths-based approach, social prescribing, service brokerage, care plans, social care;
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practice guidance
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