Making devolution deals work

Institute for Government
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Looks at the current devolution deals process in England – discussing its history and analysing the opportunities and challenges that it presents for achieving more effective government. The report sets out the challenges and highlights the three opportunities that form the basis of most arguments in favour of the devolution process: boosting economic growth and productivity; joining up and reforming public services, including employment, health, skills, education, transport and social care; and increasing innovation and experimentation in public services. The document then presents a practical tool – developed from a recent project which looked closely at devolution in one particular policy area – which aims to help guide decision makers across different policy areas as well to consider what, and how, to devolve. The guide comprises four sections: setting up a devolution deal-making process; assessing local area readiness for devolution; assessing central government readiness for devolution; and ‘sense checking’ and understanding the implications for the system that result from the devolution proposals. (Edited publisher abstract)

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local authorities, devolution, integrated services, local government, decentralisation;
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practice guidance
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