LTCcovid International living report on Covid-19 and long-term care

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London School of Economics and Political Science, Care Policy and Evaluation Centre
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This live report has been compiled collaboratively by researchers on Long-Term Care all over the world. It aims to: provide an overview of long-term care systems around the world; assess how the people who use and provide long-term care have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; describe the measures adopted to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic in the long-term care sector; compile actions and reforms that countries are adopting to strengthen their care systems and be better prepared for future pandemics and shocks. This report does not seek to provide detailed or comprehensive information for each country, but instead aims to summarise key reports and articles and point the reader towards those. It builds on the country reports previously published in this website, as well as other more recent sources. It is being developed collaboratively, by answering a list of questions for as many countries as possible and updating as new information and research become available. (Edited publisher abstract)

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Covid-19, long term care, care homes, home care, community care, older people, infection control;
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