Investigation into the Disclosure and Barring service

National Audit Office
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An investigation into the modernisation of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), which provides vetting and safeguarding services for employers to help them check whether people considered unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults. The changes involved the merger of the CRB and ISA into a single entity known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and update of IT systems. The investigation examined the benefits originally expected when DBS was created; progress in modernising the services, and progress in reducing cost and delivering the benefits of the business case; and whether the wider benefits were still expected to be delivered. The report found that the updated service launched in 2013, which allows employers to check whether there are any changes to the safeguarding information on a certificate since it was issued, has been used less than expected and has not delivered the savings expected. Modernisation of DBS is currently running over three and a half years late. Although the DBS does not believe that the delay or lower than expected take-up of the update service have stopped it providing an effective safeguarding service, the Government does not know how many people this information prevented from working with children or vulnerable adults. (Edited publisher abstract)

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security checking, employment, procedures, policy, safeguarding children, safeguarding adults, costs;
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HC 715
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