Interprofessional education and practice guide no. 8: team-based interprofessional practice placements

BREWER Margo L., BARR Hugh
Journal article citation:
Journal of Interprofessional Care, 30(6), 2016, pp.747-753.
Taylor and Francis

Whilst interest in interprofessional learning (IPL) in practice contexts has grown in recent years, the complexities involved have led many universities to rely on IPL in the classroom, online, and/or simulated contexts. Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences has successfully implemented a multi-award winning, large-scale Interprofessional Practice Programme. This programme, which began with five small pilots in 2009, provides team-based interprofessional practice placements for over 550 students from nine professions per annum. Drawing on both the literature and Curtin University’s experience, this Interprofessional Education and Practice Guide aims to assist university and practice-based educators to 'weigh the case' for introducing team-based interprofessional placements. The key lessons learned at Curtin University are identified to offer guidance to others towards establishing a similar programme for students during their prequalifying courses in health, social care, and related fields. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
multidisciplinary training, practice placement, multidisciplinary teams;
Content type:
practice example
United States
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