Intensive multi-family therapy for adolescent anorexia nervosa: adolescents' and parents' day-to-day experiences

VORIADAKI Tatiana, et al
Journal article citation:
Journal of Family Therapy, 37(1), 2015, pp.5-23.

The experiences of six families involved in a 4-day multi-family therapy (MFT) group for adolescent anorexia nervosa were examined day by day. Participants completed daily records (journals and rating scales) of their experiences. Parents completed the parents versus anorexia scale pretreatment and post-treatment. The researcher kept an observation journal of the MFT process. A week post-treatment, adolescents and parents took part in separate focus groups. The participants' insights into the illness increased rapidly from Day 1 to 3, while participants' emotions fluctuated throughout the 4 days. Motivation for recovery was enhanced for four of the five adolescents and self-efficacy improved for seven of 10 parents. In addition, some improvement in intra-family communication was reported in five of six families. Change was facilitated by the sharing of experiences with other families in a similar situation, role play activities, the increased ability to express emotions and the perceived mutual learning and support. (Publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
family therapy, young people, anorexia nervosa, eating disorders, parents, treatment, recovery;
Content type:
United Kingdom
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