Helping me to 'do my thing': tips for Kirkless health and social care professionals supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism

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This document forms one part of the legacy of Do Your Thing, a project with a focus on people with a learning disability and/or autism who don’t use social care services. The document takes the approaches developed by Do Your Thing and the lessons learned and turns them into top tips. These tips are designed for health and social care professionals who are supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism to set up their own group, develop their own enterprise or more generally ‘do their thing’. Key tips include: find a way to connect with me; don’t judge me just on my case notes or history; don’t underestimate me; focus on things I am good at; show me the possibilities and potential; help me think things through and plan; work at my pace; help me find people who will support me; and capture stories, outcomes and impact. (Edited publisher abstract)

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learning disabilities, autism, social worker-service user relationships, staff-user relationships, good practice, person-centred care;
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practice guidance
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