Guidance about compliance: judgement framework

Care Quality Commission
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The judgement framework is written for staff of the Care Quality Commission to help them make decisions about the registration status of providers. The framework will improve consistency in the decisions and judgements made about a provider’s registration, and will provide a transparent method that can be used to corroborate judgements. It explains how a decision should be reached by considering evidence about compliance. It focuses on the 16 regulations and associated outcomes that most directly relate to the quality and safety of care. The framework is split into four stages: Stage 1: Determining whether there is enough evidence to make a judgement. Stage 2: Checking whether or not the evidence demonstrates compliance, or whether there are concerns about the provider’s compliance with the regulations. Stage 3: If concerns are found, making a judgement about the impact on people using services and the likelihood of the impact occurring. Stage 4: Validating the judgement.

Subject terms:
regulation, social care provision, standards, decision making, evidence-based practice;
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practice guidance
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978 1 84562 257 2

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