Generation R: risk resilience ready for ageing?

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This report investigates the extent to which people in their 50s and early 60s, sometimes known as ‘baby boomers’, are ready for ageing. The report draws on statistical analysis on a sample of 4,547 people born between 1946 and 1960, which identified seven distinct clusters and an index of readiness while a more in depth understanding of the clusters was obtained via qualitative research which explored the experiences, attitudes and opinions of the cohort. A mixed methods approach was used, including discussion groups and in-depth, ethnographic interviews. The findings highlight a considerable diversity across this age group, which the report calls ‘Generation R’ to reflect their risk, resilience and readiness for ageing. The research shows that readiness for ageing is not statistically related to gender while being married or cohabiting, compared to being single, widowed or divorced is associated with being more ready for ageing. Economic activity and level of education are related to readiness. Compared to other indicators of wealth, pension wealth had a relatively low influence on readiness scores. Poor health, disability and risky lifestyle factors had a negative impact on readiness for ageing. This age group considers theirs to be a resilient, hard-working generation that does not expect or rely on hand-outs and places great value on independence and self-sufficiency. (Original abstract)

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ageing, risk, resilience, older people, socioeconomic groups, gender, disabilities, demographics;
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