Gearing up: housing associations' responses to tenants with dementia from black and minority ethnic groups

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Explores how social housing providers meet the needs of people with dementia who are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. The study took an audit approach and investigated current practice and policy by interviewing respondents from 11 housing associations (HAs) providing sheltered housing and extra–care support that are already serving tenants or lease holders with dementia from different ethnic backgrounds and received information from 15 more. The overriding finding is that while all the HAs are developing their understanding of dementia, and have policies in place relating to equalities and diversity, none have yet fully integrated the three strands of housing, dementia care and cultural or ethnicity related needs and preferences, nor the impacts of racism and disadvantage. The study found similarities in both policy and practice between the different HAs in relation to tenants with dementia and offers of housing to older people from varied backgrounds. Differences appeared to be in the degree of integrating understandings and knowledge of dementia and of cultural or ethnic diversity. However, some HAs were apprehensive about how to manage dementia if their focus had previously been on addressing needs related to ethnic or cultural identities or discrimination or disadvantages. All but one of the HAs had or were developing dementia strategies, and were training their staff to understand and recognise dementia. (Edited publisher abstract)

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older people, housing associations, dementia, black and minority ethnic people, extra care housing, integrated services;
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United Kingdom
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