Fix dementia care: homecare

CARTER Dominic
Alzheimer's Society
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This report sets out some of the things that can and do go wrong when homecare workers lack dementia training. It looks at the issue from the perspective of people with dementia and their family carers, the experience of homecare workers and the impact on the wider health and care system. Real life examples of people’s first-hand experiences highlight the impact the lack of training can have. The report also provides examples of good practice of dementia training in home care. It is based on a survey of 1,227 people affected by dementia, a survey of 739 homecare workers, research into the workforce commissioned through Skills for Care and 119 Freedom of Information responses from councils in England. The results found that 38 per cent of the homecare workers surveyed did not receive any dementia training, and most (71 per cent) did not receive dementia training that is accredited. Approximately half (49 per cent) of people affected by dementia surveyed felt that homecare workers did not understand the specific needs of people with dementia. Consequences of a lack of training for people affected by dementia identified, included: emergency admission into hospital from a failure to identify infections, ineffective safeguarding procedures, and care workers refusing to make any further visits to someone with dementia as they felt unprepared. Recommendations include for higher standards of mandatory dementia training for homecare workers, for homecare providers to have dedicated dementia leads, and for local authorities to have dementia-specific training programme for care workers. (Edited publisher abstract)

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dementia, home care, training, care workers, home care assistants, carers, good practice;
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