Exploring intimate relationship experiences of Asian disabled women

DUTT Ratna
Race Equality Foundation
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This study seeks to increase the knowledge base about the experiences of Asian disabled women in forming and maintaining intimate relationships and help identify policy implications for service providers in relation to Asian disabled women and the wellbeing agenda. The project used a combination of methods to gather the views of Asian disabled women, including: individual interviews with five disabled women; a workshop session with thirty six women; and follow up conversation with two women from the workshop. The paper explores the views and experiences of Asian disabled women relating to intimate relationships and examines whether there are barriers to forming such relationships and whether and how the forming of intimate relationships impacts the wellbeing and other relationships. This study reinforces the main message from mainstream research and confirms that, from the perspective of Asian disabled women, there are barriers to forming and maintaining intimate relationships. These barriers come from a number of sources, including the Asian community and wider society generally. In terms of the link between intimate relationships and positive wellbeing, the study suggests that there is a correlation between marital status and/or other social relationships and wellbeing and that whilst being married or cohabiting has a positive impact on wellbeing, having good connections with family and friends are also an essential part of wellbeing. (Edited publisher abstract)

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Asian people, women, relationships, disabilities, user views, wellbeing, marriage;
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