Evaluation of the CAMHS In-Reach to Schools Pilot Programme: pilot progress and the impact of Covid 19, supplementary paper to the interim report

Welsh Government Social Research
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This paper supplements the evaluation of the CAMHS In-Reach to Schools pilot, a programme that aims to build capacity (including skills, knowledge and confidence) in schools to support pupils’ mental health and well-being and improve schools’ access to specialist liaison, consultancy and advice when needed. It presents the data gathered through the second round of qualitative case-study research with a sample of school clusters, services, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), school counselling, educational psychology and voluntary sector services, working with them, and interviews and discussions with CAMHS In-Reach Practitioners. The report aims to present the position for schools and services at the approximate midpoint of the pilot programme (early spring 2020) and provides a ‘snapshot’ of the impact of Covid-19 and the lockdown upon schools, pupils and services in late April and May 2020. These latter findings are drawn from a small sample at a period in time, when schools were responding to a fast-moving and challenging situation. The report finds that there is a clear need, and strong support, for the pilot, and the impact of Covid-19 is expected to increase this need. The pilot programme allows schools to be better prepared than they would otherwise have been for the return of pupils and, to a lesser degree, staff. Nevertheless, they still want support from the pilots to help them prepare for schools increasing their operations, and the difficulties pupils and staff may experience when they return. (Edited publisher abstract)

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Covid-19, infection control, young people, children, mental health services, schools, education, child and adolescent mental health services;
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GSR report 46/2020
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