Ethnicity, race and inequality in the UK: state of the nation

et al
BYRNE Bridget
Policy Press
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This book provides an evidence-based account of contemporary patterns of ethnic and racial inequality, across a range of key policy arenas, which shape the lives of Britain’s diverse black and minority ethnic communities. Working in collaboration with key experts in the field, the individual chapters trace the complex forms and dimensions of inequality in particular areas, and, importantly, how these have changed or entrenched over time, and in relation to particular policies and institutional practices. Engaging with a variety of comprehensive and reputable sources, individual chapters trace what we know about ethnic inequalities in a range of fields in UK society and culture, including: citizenship and immigration, crime and policing, health, education, the labour market, housing, the cultural industries, politics, and racism. They situate this knowledge in an understanding of how things have changed over time in the last 50 years and the impact of major policies in the different areas. The book provides a map of racial and ethnic inequality across all aspects of social and cultural life in Britain, while identifying points of intervention for policymakers. It also constitutes a snapshot of the current ‘moment’ in Britain, on the brink of Brexit and a precarious new, and unpredictable era for our multi-ethnic, multi-racial country. It offers an assessment of where we are as a nation and the concluding recommendations extend an invitation to imagine a different and better future. (Edited publisher abstract)

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ethnicity, black and minority ethnic people, racial discrimination, inequalities;
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United Kingdom
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