Equine-assisted activities and therapies: enhancing the social worker’s armamentarium

ACRI Mary C., et al
Journal article citation:
Social Work Education (The International Journal), 35(5), 2016, pp.603-612.
Taylor and Francis
Place of publication:
Philadelphia, USA

Introduction: Equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) have gained prominence as a viable therapeutic approach for a range of mental health and developmental problems, yet is not widely known and not conventionally provided within the social work educational curriculum. Thus, the purpose of this study is to provide a review of various certification bodies available to social workers in order to bring EAATs into their therapeutic work. Methods: A multi-stage process, including consultation with experts in the field and an online search was undertaken to locate certification programmes for mental health professionals. Results: Seven certification organisations were identified; programmes varied with respect to mental health pre-requisites, type of certification, training components, and cost. Discussion: There has been substantial growth in EAAT for children with mental health and developmental problems, and there are a range of certification types to select from. Factors to consider when choosing which type of certification to pursue, and barriers to certification are discussed. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
therapies, social work, mental health problems, children, curriculum development, social work education, child development, mental health services;
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United States
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