Dialogical mindfulness in supervision role-play

Journal article citation:
Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, 10(4), December 2010, pp.287-294.
Taylor and Francis

This pilot study introduced mindfulness-based role play (MBRP) supervision to find out how therapists would experience the approach, and to what extent they would find it useful, particularly in relation to empathy toward clients. The 13 participants consisted of four psychologists, four counsellors, one psychotherapist, one social worker, one mental health nurse, one art therapist and one psychiatrist. Qualitative data was collected via semi-structured interviews and after observing at least one MBRP session using a modified version of the Consensual Qualitative Research method. Participants mostly had positive emotional and cognitive responses to their supervision experiences as a whole and after MBRP, with the main outcomes enhanced empathy with clients’ emotional experiences, better awareness of functioning as a therapist and development of thoughts about how individuals’ therapies should progress. Some therapists reported observing effects in therapy with clients. The authors call for further research into a MBRP supervision approach.

Subject terms:
mindfulness, psychology, role playing, staff supervision, counselling, empathy;
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Journal home page
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1473 3145

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