Content and acceptability of an Occupational Therapy intervention in HomEcare Re-ablement Services (OTHERS)

WHITEHEAD Phillip J., et al
Journal article citation:
British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81(9), 2018, pp.535-542.

Introduction: Despite clear compatibilities between the tenets of occupational therapy and reablement, there is limited research on occupational therapy in homecare reablement services. This article describes an occupational therapy intervention that was delivered as part of a feasibility randomised controlled trial (Occupational Therapy intervention in HomEcare Reablement Services), and evaluates whether the intervention was acceptable to participants. Method: There were three phases: (1) a bespoke pro forma was completed, recording the activities undertaken after each therapy visit; (2) an acceptability questionnaire was sent to every intervention participant and (3) semi-structured interviews were completed with key informants who received the intervention. Results: The principal activities undertaken were assessment, case management, goal-setting, advice and support, and practising activities in relation to bathing/showering or kitchen activities. Participants particularly valued the advice and support provided. However, there were difficulties due to fluctuations in circumstances and with activities of daily living outside the home within the 6 week timescale. Conclusion: An intervention focusing on activities of daily living within the home was acceptable for participants and consistent with their goals; however, they also had goals beyond personal activities of daily living and the timescale of the re-ablement episode. Further research should focus on extended activities of daily living, beyond this time-limited period. (Edited publisher abstract)

Subject terms:
activities of daily living, reablement, occupational therapy, intervention, evaluation, home care, user views, qualitative research;
Content type:
United Kingdom
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