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A framework to help allied health professionals (AHPs) in Scotland support people with dementia, their families and carers to live positive, fulfilling and independent lives for as long as possible. The document presents an evidence-informed case to support an approach to practice for AHPs working with people living with dementia with the intention of promoting local integration and implementation. The AHP approach reflects the fact that dementia affects people in very individual ways, and that people require tailored responses to best meet their needs, aspirations and wishes. It provides a foundational underpinning from which AHPs will be able to build, using their own skills, experience and understanding of the person to provide a service truly tailored to individual needs. The framework describes in detail the five key elements of the AHP approach, explaining why they matter and how professionals can implement them. These are: supporting families and carers; enhancing daily living; adapting everyday environments; maximising psychological wellbeing; and maximising physical wellbeing. The framework also outlines principles, ambitions and actions for change to support local integration and delivery of the AHP biopsychosocial approach to understanding dementia and delivering the AHP approach in every area of Scotland. (Edited publisher abstract)

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dementia, good practice, health professionals, skills, activities of daily living, home adaptations, wellbeing, integrated care, person-centred care;
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practice guidance
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