Children's Social Care Innovation Programme: final evaluation report

SEBBA Judy, et al
Great Britain. Department for Education
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This report provides an overview of the evaluation of Wave 1 of the Department for Education’s Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme which took place 2014- 2016 in England. The programme aimed to: increase the quality of services so that children who need help from the social care system have better life chances; help local authorities achieve better value for money across children’s social care; and ensure there are stronger incentives and mechanisms for innovation, experimentation and replication of successful new approaches. The first wave of the programme in which £110 million was invested was commissioned in Spring 2014. This involved 57 projects working across a wide range of children’s social care. The evaluation found that the quality of services increased in 42 of the 45 projects that reported outcomes in Wave 1. These included: reductions in children in care, children identified as children in need (CIN), children in residential care, increased reunifications with birth families or deescalation from CIN or child protection plans; reductions in numbers of children entering care, numbers in care or days spent in care; improvements in staff knowledge, attitudes and self-efficacy and increased social worker job satisfaction. Nearly half of the projects reported achieving better value for money. The evaluation concludes that Wave 1 did incentivise further innovation, experimentation and replication. Of the next Wave of projects, 10 are continuations, in most cases scale and spread of the Wave 1 projects. (Edited publisher abstract)

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looked after children, children in need, child protection, intervention, innovation, evaluation, childrens social care;
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