Care for older people: projected expenditure to 2022 on social care and continuing health care for England’s older population: research summary

WITTENBERG Raphael, et al
Nuffield Trust
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Projections of public expenditure on social care and continuing health care for people aged 65 or over in England from 2010 to 2022 are set out in this report. It is part of a research programme (Buying Time: What Is the Scale of the Financial Challenge Facing the NHS and How Can It Be Met) examining how the NHS and social care system in England can meet the challenge of improving patient care within a severely constrained budget. The projections were made using the Personal Social Services Research Unit long-term care projections model, which is concerned with demand for care and provides evidence on the increase in social care resources required to meet rising demand. The report describes the study methodology, including the model and assumptions on which it is based, and presents the projections, noting that projected future spending on social care and continuing health care will vary with future life expectancy.

Subject terms:
life expectancy, long term care, NHS, models, older people, public expenditure, social care, social care provision, financing, health care;
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