Breaking the link between special educational needs and low attainment: everyone's business

GREAT BRITAIN. Department for Children, Schools and Families
Great Britain. Department for Children, Schools and Families
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This Department for Children, Schools and Families ‘Breaking the Link’ series report aims to guide school head-teachers, senior leadership, and heads of school improvement towards good practice ongoing in special educational needs (SEN), and supported by the wider population of teachers, local authority professionals and staff who work, in England, with children and young people with SEN. Referencing the Lamb report and Rose’s recommendations of 2008, which detail parental confidence in the SEN system and identification and teaching of children with dyslexia/literacy difficulties respectively, 2009’s Schools White paper, and Salt’s 2010 review quantifying the supply of teachers needed for children with severe, profound and multiple learning difficulties, this paper applauds school and local authority good practice, beyond the statutory SEN Code of Practice, of issuing statements and providing the listed support. By focusing on the Children’s Plan commitments of high aspirations, progress, positive outcomes and attainment, which maintains parental confidence, keeps (supported) students in mainstream school, (School Action), keeps exclusions low and increases extended services (School Action Plus), this paper stresses that SEN provisions are not ‘bolted on’ but are inherent to the Children’s Plan,  Schools White Paper, and ‘Achievement for All’ pilot started September 2009, due for an interim evaluation in June 2010.

Subject terms:
learning disabilities, specific learning disorders, literacy, local authorities, schools, special educational needs, young people, children, dyslexia, educational assessment, educational performance;
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practice guidance, government publication
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978 1 84775 691 6

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