Break4Change programme toolkit: for professionals working with families where young people are violent/abusive towards their parents/carers

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This resource contains a programme for people working with parents/carers of children and young people with violent/abusive and/or destructive behaviour and for the children and young people who are being abusive and violent. The programme consists of two groups running in parallel: one for parents/carers, and the other for young people. The group provides a chance for parents and young people to explore new ideas and reassess the types of relationships they want with one another and is a chance for them to explore new ways of relating to one another. The learning that happens as part of the programme enables parents and children to relate these elements to their own situation and then consider how this relates to the situation at home. Part 1 introduces the programme and the resource contained in this document. Part 2 provides background information and sets out the principles of the Break4Change programme, the role of parents’ group and young people’s groups in addressing violent and destructive behaviour, the theories and models that facilitators can draw on in running the programme, the practice informing the group work, how adults and young people learn, how to set objectives and how to review and evaluate any Break4Change programme. Part 3 explains how to set up a Break4Change programme, covering the planning and the practical aspects that need to be put in place to enable the smooth running of the programme as well as giving an overview of the main elements. Part 4 looks at how to run each aspect of the Break4Change programme. Each session has aims and objectives and a detailed outline of activities, handouts, reading materials as well as tips for managing issues that come up during the sessions. Part 5 provides a list of resources and includes examples of referral, assessment and consent forms. It also includes an example of publicity, as well as further reading and a bibliography. (Edited publisher abstract)

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domestic violence, abuse, family support, parental skills training, young people, young offenders, children, challenging behaviour;
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practice guidance
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