Behind closed doors? The hidden impact of diabetes in social care

Institute of Diabetes for Older People
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Sets out the challenges posed by diabetes in social care settings, focusing on its prevalence, current funding constrains, and variations in care provision. Diabetes is almost four times more prevalent than all cancers combined and accounts for nearly 15 per cent of deaths in the UK every year. The report estimates that across England caring for people with diabetes in social care settings costs £1.442 billion. It argues that integrated care for people with diabetes if delivered presents a series of opportunities for improvements, including reduced system costs, better outcomes and broader benefits. The report outlines ten recommendations to improve care, developed in consultation with health and social care sector experts. These include the need for the Government to publish the National Diabetes Action Plan, to provide a mechanism for improving diabetes care across the health and social care system. The report also identifies the need for greater support to NHS and social care commissioners to ensure local services are commissioned in line with best practice and are responsive to patient needs. (Edited publisher abstract)

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diabetes, social care, costs, public expenditure, local authorities, integrated services;
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